General Information and Rules

Occupants of the units have contributed to the following information and rules, and have input and/or agree to any amendments or additions.


  • Alterations

    No alterations are to be undertaken without the prior approval of the Company.

  • Furnishing of the units

    The Furnishings are the responsibility of the resident, however the Company will provide a stove, hot-water unit, clothes drier, electric heater, floor coverings and fire equipment at both sites.

  • Residents Responsibilities

    Residents are responsible for the costs involved with electricity, telephone, ambulance, fumigation of the unit, insurance of personal effects, furnishings and the like. They are also responsible for any unfair wear and tear of items of furnishings provided by the Company.

  • Car Parking

    Residents are asked to ensure that all visitors park their cars in a manner that will not inconvenience other residents.

  • Disputes

    The Company is required to convene a Disputed Committee to hear and mediate on disputes that may arise within the Villages.

    The Disputes Committee will comprise:

    • A person appointed by the residents
    • A person representing the company
    • A person agreed to by both resident and company representatives.
  • Guests

    Residents are welcome to have houseguests on a short-term basis.

  • Heating

    Electric heating is installed in all units. In the interests of safety kerosene heaters are not permitted.

  • Holidays

    Residents are requested to advise the company if they will be absent for holidays or other purposes. This will avoid unnecessary concern for the company and residents.

  • Inspection of Units

    The company reserves the right to inspect the Units but only after giving notice, and with the resident or his or her representative present.

  • 24 Hour emergency access

    A set of master keys to all front screen and main doors is kept at the company office. On occupancy residents will be issued with two sets of keys.

  • Personal Alarm Systems

    Each unit is fitted with a Safety Link personal alarm system which is activated in an emergency by the resident pressing a device worn by the resident. Residents must check their alarm systems regularly (this should include the fire alarms in each unit). The committee will assist as required.

  • Personal Particulars

    The company requires details of the resident’s doctor and next of kin for use in emergencies. These details are to be lodged with the company and kept up to date.

  • Pets

    Except for a small caged bird, pets are not permitted. However if a resident owns a cat prior to occupancy the cat may accompany the resident, but is not to be replaced.

  • Feeding of wild birds

    Residents are requested not to feed wild birds as these may become a nuisance to other residents.

  • Noise

    Noise should be kept to a reasonable level. Should a resident be hard of hearing, he or she should consider using an earphone for television, radio or stereo especially at night.

  • Vacating of Unit

    If a unit is vacated permanently, it must be cleared of all effects and handed back to the company within seven days. Maintenance fees will continue until this happens.

  • Personal Matters

    Residents are encouraged to exercise self-reliance in matters relating to their personal, domestic and financial matters. The company will be pleased to discuss any item for which residents may need further information or clarification.

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